Correct maintenance and maintenance of gear reducer

Reducer Maintenance Notes


1. Oil level reducer generally uses oil teeth lubrication. Before use, it must be refueled to the specified position (according to the schematic position) and replaced regularly.

2. Oil change cycle New reducer* When in use, after running-in period of 7-14 days (150-300 hours), new oil must be replaced. New oil must be replaced again after 3 months of use. In the future, and regularly check the oil quality, deteriorated oil containing impurities, contamination, or decomposition and aging must be replaced at any time. Generally, the gear reducer with long-term continuous operation can be changed once every 6-8 months, while the gear reducer with no more than 8 hours daily can be changed once every 10-12 months.

3. The new oil replaced by oil must have the same brand as the original oil, and different brands and different types of oil should not be mixed. Before injecting new oil, heat the same type of oil used in operation and clean the gear with it.

4. Reducer is lubricated by oil pool and cooled naturally. Circulating oil lubrication or oil line lubrication with cooling pipe can be used when the working balance temperature of the reducer exceeds 90 C or the carrying power exceeds thermal power PG1. When the gear reducer is started after a continuous stop of more than 24 hours, the gears and bearings should be fully lubricated before they can run under load.

5. Bearing lubrication Rolling bearing lubrication in reducer, commonly used lubricants are lubricating oil and grease. When selecting lubricating oil, the bearing load, speed, temperature and working environment should be taken into account. The greater the load on the bearing, the higher the temperature, and the higher the viscosity of the lubricant used. Low viscous lubricants are available for bearings with low load, low temperature and high speed. Too much or too little lubricant in the bearing will cause the bearing to overheat. The oil level should be lower when the bearing speed is n=1500r/min. Grease lubrication can be used when the circumferential speed of the bearing rotating seat ring is not more than 4-5m/h. When lubricating with grease, the amount of grease loaded in the bearing can occupy 1/3-1/2 of the bearing room space. The lubrication method of rolling bearing in reducer can make use of the lubricating oil in the reducer oil pool directly. At this time, the lubricating oil in the reducer oil pool must be introduced into the bearing.

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Maintenance and maintenance


1. Reducer for spare parts manufacturing shall be inspected and repaired regularly. Effective measures must be taken to detect scratches, gluing and significant wear. Spare parts must be manufactured to standard and updated spare parts must be run-in and load-tested before they can be used formally.
2. Drive inspection reducer should be inspected and repaired regularly. Effective measures must be taken to detect scratches, gluing and significant wear. Spare parts must be manufactured to standard and updated spare parts must be run-in and load-tested before they can be used formally.
3. Oil quantity oil temperature check bolt tightening degree and oil quantity frequently. The oil level of the reducer is lower than the lower scale of the vernier gauge and should be replenished in time. Attention should be paid to elegant changes in circulating oil lubrication. When the oil pressure is significantly reduced, the oil strainer should be checked for cleaning.
4. For the purpose of heat dissipation inspection, the exterior surface of the reducer should be kept clean and the ventilation holes should not be blocked. If the temperature of the tank is too high, check whether the oil level is too high, whether the surrounding heat dissipation conditions are not good, the oil quality is aging, or the amount of cooling water is insufficient, and the scaling and cooling effect in the cooling coil is not good. _
5. Oil leakage inspection If oil leakage is found on high-speed shaft, check whether the oil level is too high. If the seal leaks oil due to aging or wear, proper butter can be injected through the butter nozzle on the cover. If the leakage is serious, the user should replace the seal by himself in time. _
IMPORTANT: After 8 hours of operation of the reducer, the small area of wetted oil near the seal is impermeable, the area of wetted oil expanding base is impermeable, and the oil level on the foundation is leaking
6. Safety protection Revolving part of gear reducer leakage shall be provided with protective cover and grounded when connected with electric motor or other electrical equipment. _
Important instructions: Do not remove the cover of the test mirror during the operation of the reducer to avoid personal injury caused by splashing of high temperature gear oil. _
7. Oil change During normal operation, metal micro-materials will inevitably enter the oil due to the continuous operation of the surface. These contaminants shorten the life of the bearings and lead to early scrap of the gear units, so they are maintained by frequent oil changes.
8. System management Users should use maintenance rules and regulations reasonably and record carefully the running condition of reducer and problems found in inspection.

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