How to classify the reducer

Today, I will introduce how to classify reducers. As we all know, the main function of the reducer is to reduce the running speed of the motor and increase the torque. Due to these two effects, the reducer has been widely used and favored in various fields. But many bosses and purchasers are not clear, what is the classification of the reducer? Next, we will briefly introduce the types of reducers:
First, classify according to the size of the power. The reducer is divided into power and small power according to the power. These types have different characteristics and can be used in different industrial equipment.
2. Classify according to the arrangement of gears. According to the arrangement of the gears, the reducer can be divided into spur gears and helical gears. Spur gear reducers have a high cost performance and are generally used in industrial equipment with low one-way running speeds under light loads. The helical gear reducer is more expensive than the spur gear reducer, but the helical gear reducer has low noise, high precision, stable operation and high manufacturing process requirements, which is also the reason for the high price of the spur gear reducer.
Third, classify according to the angle of input shaft and output shaft. According to the input shaft and output shaft, the reducer can be divided into right angle reducer and parallel shaft reducer. The input shaft of the parallel shaft reducer is parallel to the output shaft, which is 180 degrees. The input shaft and the output shaft of the bevel reducer form a right angle with a 90-degree angle, which can realize 360-degree omnidirectional installation without dead ends, and is more widely used.
Fourth, classify according to the support method. According to the frame support method, the reducer can be divided into single support and double support. All the characteristics of double support are much better than single support, but due to the high manufacturing process requirements, the price of double support is much more expensive than single support. In addition, the helical gear reducer is a double support structure, and the spur gear reducer can adopt a double single support structure.

Post time: Aug-05-2022