Structural characteristics of F series parallel shaft gear reducers

F series reducer is one of the four series of reducers. The difference between this reducer and the other three is that the output mode of this reducer is parallel shaft output.

This is the real picture of a typical F series reducer, but since there are many basic types, the real object you look at may be somewhat different from this typical one.

Basic type of F series parallel shaft reducer

There are as many as ten basic types of F series reducers.

F Foot Mounting Parallel Shaft – Helical Gear Reducer, FA…B Foot Hollow Shaft Mounting,FV…B Foot Spline Hollow Shaft Mounting, FA Hollow Shaft Mounting, FV Spline Hollow Shaft Mounting, FAF Yes B5 flange hollow shaft installation, FVF is B5 flange spline hollow shaft installation, FAZ is B14 flange installation, FVZ is B14 flange spline hollow shaft installation,FF is B5 flange installation, FH…B foot hollow shaft Shrink disk installation, FH is hollow shaft shrink disk installation, FHF is B5 flange hollow shaft shrink disk installation, FHZ is B14 flange hollow shaft shrink disk installation.

Three-roll calender

Gearbox for Three-roll calender

These ten different basic types are to meet different use requirements, so that this reducer can be used in different working machines.

Post time: Sep-15-2022