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RXG series shaft mounted gearbox has long has long been established as a best seller for quarry and mine applications where absolute reliability and low maintenance are key factors. Another winning factor is the backstop option that prevents back driving in the case of inclined conveyors. This gearbox can be completed by selecting from a wide range of electric motors entirely supplied by REDSUN.

1 Output Hub
Standard or alternative hubs with metric bores are available to suit international standard shaft diameters.

2 Precision High Quality Gearing
Computer Designed Helical Gears, Strong Alloy Materials for High Load Capacity, Case Carburized for long life, Ground Profile(some intermediate pinions are shaved) Crown tooth Profile, In Conformance with ISO 13281997, 98% Efficiency for Per Stage, Smooth Quiet Operation with Several Teeth in Mesh.

3 Maximum Capacity Housing Design
Close Grain Cast Iron Construction, Excellent Vibration Dampening & Shock Resistance Features, Precision Bored and Dowelled to Ensure Accurate In-Line Assembly.

4 Strong Alloy Steel Shafts
Strong Alloy Steel, Hardened, Ground on Journals, Gear Seatings and Extensions, for
Maximum Load and Maximum Torsional Loads. Generous Size Shaft
Keys for Shock Loading and Conform to ISO Standards.

5 Additional Case Lugs Except H and J Gear Case
Eliminates the Need for Critical Tightening of Torque Arm Bolts. Controls Position of
Standard Torque Arm Mounting within Recommended limits.

6 BackStops
Alternative Parts, Antirun Back Device, AreAvailable on all 13:1 and 20:1 Ratio Units and do not recommend for 5:1 Units.

7 Bearings and Oilseals
Bearings are Adequately Proportioned and Conform to ISO Dimension Plan, Readily
Available WorldWide. Oilseals are Double Lipped Garter Spring Type, Ensuring Effective Oil Sealing.

8 Rubberised End Caps
Self Sealing Intermediate Cover Plates, to Standard ISO Housing Dimensions.

9 Torque Arm Assembly
For Easy Adjustment of the Belt.


- Cost effective solution
- High Reliability
- Robustness
- Very Compact design
- Prevent the movement in the wrong way
- Highly customizable product
Main Application:
Kinds of mining
Cement and construction
Electric power
Industrial agitators
Paper and light industry

Technical Data

Redsun Rxg Series Shaft Mounted Hanging Gear Speed Reducer
Type Ratio Model Standard bore (mm) Rated power(KW) Rated torque(N.m)
RXG series 5;
RXG30 30 3 180
RXG35 35 5.5 420
RXG40 40; 45 15 950
RXG45 45; 50; 55 22.5 1400
RXG50 50; 55; 60 37 2300
RXG60 60; 65; 70 55 3600
RXG70 70; 85; 78 5100
RXG80 80; 100 110 7000
RXG100 100; 120 160 11000
RXG125 125; 135 200 17000

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