Daily maintenance measures for single screw extruder

As a common extruder equipment, the single-screw extruder is used in the plastics processing industry.

The single-screw extruder is mainly used to extrude thermoplastics such as soft and hard polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene, and can process a variety of plastic products. , such as blown film, extruded tube, press plate, wire drawing belt, etc., and can also be used for melt granulation. The plastic extruder has advanced design, high quality, good plasticization and low energy consumption. It adopts involute gear transmission, which has the characteristics of low noise, stable operation, large bearing capacity and long service life.

ZLYJ Series Single Screw Extruder Gearbox (5)

The maintenance process of single screw extruder is generally divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance:

Routine maintenance: regular routine work, which does not occupy the operating hours of the equipment, is usually completed during driving. The key is to clean the machine, lubricate the moving parts, tighten the loose threaded parts, check and adjust the motor, control instruments, working parts and pipelines in time.

Regular maintenance: Generally, the extruder will be stopped after running for 2500-5000 hours continuously. The machine needs to be disassembled to check, measure and identify the wear of main parts, replace the parts that have reached the specified wear limit, and repair the damaged parts.


Regular maintenance:

1. Regularly check whether the screws and other fasteners on the surface of the unit are loose or not. The lubricating oil level of the transmission case should be added or replaced in time (the dirt at the bottom of the oil tank should be cleaned regularly). For new machines, the oil is usually changed every 3 months, and then every six months to one year. The oil filter and suction pipe should be cleaned regularly (once a month).

2. The maintenance of the reducer of the single screw extruder is the same as that of the general standard reducer. It is mainly to check the wear and failure of gears, bearings, etc.

3. When reinstalling, please note that the two screws A and B must be in their original positions and cannot be replaced! After the newly assembled screw is installed on the machine, it must be turned by hand first. If it rotates normally, it can be turned on at a low speed. When the screw or barrel is not used for a long time, anti-rust and anti-fouling measures should be taken, and the screw should be suspended. If the threaded block is burned with fire, the flame should move left and right, and clean it while burning. Don’t over-burn (the blue-ring will turn red), and don’t put the threaded block in water.

4. Regularly calibrate the temperature control instrument to check the correctness of its adjustment and the sensitivity of the control.

5. Distilled water must be used in the cooling water tank in the barrel to prevent the formation of scale to block the cooling water channel in the barrel and cause temperature failure. During use, pay attention to adding water appropriately to prevent scaling. If it is blocked, the cylinder should be replaced for specific maintenance. If there is no blockage and the water output is small, it indicates that there is scale. The water in the water tank should be replaced with dilute hydrochloric acid and circulated, and the scale should be cleaned to normal and then replaced with distilled water. The water in the general water tank is used to cool the barrel, and the natural water we pass through is used to cool the water tank. Check the water quality of the cooling water tank regularly, if it is turbid, it should be replaced in time.

Post time: Sep-13-2022